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Since 2010 year, Gungunwala Food Equipment Pvt. Ltd. independently develops its international market, and soon become the main members in international trade enterprises. Having gained years of experience in this domain, we are engaged in offering our valued clients with huge range of Food Processing Equipment. These equipment are properly management and examined by our hired skilled and experienced experts to guarantee zero defect productivity results and to distribute high quality product at our clients end. Our offered Chips Production Lines are hugely demanded among the customers and we take the utmost responsibility for design, manufacture and installation.

In our product range we are offering diverse food processing equipment products such as Automatic Pellet Frying Line, Potato Chips Plant, Continuous Namkeen Fryer, Pellet Fryer, Batch type Fryer like Circular fryer, Rectangular fryer, Direct Heat Rectangular Fryers, Chips Flavoring Tumbler, Namkeen Mixers, Namkeen Extruders, Wooden Based Boiler (3 Pass & 2 Pass Heating System), Thermic Heat Exchanger & Wooden Based Thermic Boiler (4 Pass & 3 Pass Heating System). The product is accessible to our clients at very reasonable rates and within the specified time frame.

Buy Online Affordable Price and High Quality Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier in Gujarat, India

We are leading manufacturer of Food Processing Equipment which is the transformation of raw ingredients, by physical or chemical means into food, or of food into other forms. With the help of the food processing combines raw food ingredients to produce marketable food products that can be easily prepared and served by the consumer. The food processing mainly includes activities like mincing and macerating, liquefaction, emulsification, and food preparation like boiling, peeling, frying or grilling, pickling, pasteurization and numerous types of preservation and canning or other product packaging. In the food processing equipment the other processing takes places such as slicing or cutting, freezing or drying when bring about secondary products is also included.

The food processing machine is a tool having one or more parts that uses energy to carry out an intended action. Machines are usually powered by chemical, thermal, or electric means, and are often motorized. However, the start of electronic devices has actually led to the development of power tools without moving parts that are considered machines.


The potatoes should be specially grown, bigger in size and should not be sweet in taste.

The final product received is 3:1 ratio. i.e. 100 kgs of potatoes will give you around 32 kg of chips.

The temperature should be between 190°C to 195°C

It takes around 4 to 5 mins for approx 10kg of potatoes and it increases more with the huge capacity of machine.

350gms of oil is required for frying 1 kg of sliced potatoes.

We are having more than 230 kinds of food information and have exported our machines to 108 countries worldwide. Our clients are in the baking, frozen, or ethnic food business.

Further to know more details please do not hesitate to contact us or give us the information for providing you suitable and precise marketing information.

It depends on the capacity of the machine, such as semi-automatic, fully automatic and other types of machines.

If potatoes are exposed to too much air or they’re fried extra, it changes colour.

In the process of machine design, we frequently refer to handmade processes and modify the recipes to make the tastes of handmade and machine-made products remain steady. Ingredients and dough consistency are prejudiced by diverse factors; we always keep testing awaiting clients are fulfilled.

We are capable for customizing the machine and our engineers will carefully study the compatibility of your requirement and provide you the most appropriate solutions.

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